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In less than two weeks we'll be kicking off our 2014 Season with this signature interactive event featuring Canada's most engaged employer!

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With virtually every major survey (Gallup, Towers Watson, etc.) citing how career development coaching contributes significantly to highly engaged workplaces, this is a MUST ATTEND event for you, your clients and colleagues.

Using examples from their own award-winning company as well as their customers, Habanero Consulting will:

  • Demystify "employee engagement" (what it means, why it matters)
  • Demonstrate why career coaching, talent management, and mentoring are absolutely vital to creating 'engaged' workplaces  
  • Delight you with their unique approach to collaboration, relationships and building value across communities

Following a brief presentation, we'll have facilitated table conversations and dialogue on the implications and opportunities that employee engagement offers for career professionals, people managers, and literally anyone responsible for acquiring, developing and retaining talent. 

Habanero's workforce is young, energetic and authentically committed to people development. 

Come meet them Feb. 18th and discover why "The Globe & Mail" says they're the #1 Most Engaged Workplace in Canada.

We encourage you to circulate this event notice to as many in your contact network who'd like to join us.

Register now - and see you on Feb.18th!
"Strategic Career Moves for Professional Success": Powerful trends and ingenious strategies - for you and your clients!

Thursday, Oct. 17th, 2013 - 11 AM - Noon Eastern Time

ACP International proudly launches its Fall 'Salon' Series featuring Caitlin Williams and Annabelle Reitman, co-authors of the just-released "Career Moves: Be Strategic About Your Future".

Pre-register now to enter the draw for a free copy of the book:

To purchase a copy of Career Moves: Be Strategic About Your Future click here:

Your Workplace Conference – ACPI Members Save $100

ACPI Salon Slides
Tuesday, June 18th at 11 AM ET - Noon ET
Guest Speaker - Erik de Haan, MSc, PhD - VU University Amsterdam

Amsterdam ForumMay 18th

Salon Webinar Recording – April 9th Webinar
Join Dr. Ron Elsdon on Tuesday, April 9th at 11 AM ET for a great session on a hot topic: Social Responsibility

How is social responsibility relevant to our work, to our clients, and to the organizations we interface with?  
Building on his recent book "Business Behaving Well:  Social Responsibility, from Learning to Doing" Ron will explore what social responsibility means, why it is important and what we can do about it. 
The session will enable participants to:

  • Establish links between social justice, social responsibility and business practice
  • Identify stakeholders affected by organizations
  • Learn of examples of social responsibility
  • Describe actions for organizations and individuals (such as clients and career counselors) that address social responsibility

About the session leader: Ron Elsdon has over 25 years of career and workforce development, organizational consulting and leadership coaching experience, gained in the U.S. and internationally, in multiple sectors. 

He holds a PHD in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University, a masters in Career Development from John F Kennedy University, and is the author of several articles and books.

Register now by emailing:, and add "Elsdon Webinar" in the subject line.

Prior to the session you'll receive complete details to connect you with the webinar and other participants.

March-19-13 New Releases

Webinar “Where Do Career Professionals Fit?

Many thanks to everyone who joined this week's webinar “Where Do Career Professionals Fit?” The audio link:

Webinar: ACP International Idea Exchange Feb 12, 2013

In the meantime, mark your calendars now for our very first "Salon" on Tuesday April 9th, 11 AM Eastern Time  - more details coming soon.

"Is Coaching Effective?"
Participate now in an exciting Global Study seeking to discover what makes coaching effective! Here's your chance to contribute to a significant body of knowledge, as well as raise the profile of career professionals and their value to clients. It only takes 10 minutes to complete, but the impact of your participation will last much longer. Data collection finishes March 31,2013 so act now! To complete the on-line questionnaire, go to:

More information on the "world's largest coaching outcome research ever" is available at:; and in the article "Calling all Coaches"

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