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Career service specialties for individuals and organizations

Talent Development Expertise

Assisting organizations in need of a strategy to attract, develop and retain the right people for long term competitive advantage

Leadership / Executive Coaching

To move key contributors to develop strengths for professional growth within the context of an organizational need

Professional Assessment Tools

To apply validated instruments, interpret results and provide feedback reports that supplement the professional development of employees

Employee Transition Services

Providing direction and support for employees exiting the organization

Training & Management Development

To assess, design and deliver professional development training based on organizational goals

General Career Direction

To clarify career goals, explore options and create an action plan for work at any stage of your life

Career Change

To assess and make a change from one career path to a new one, whether completely different or simply a shift to another industry

Testing/Assessment & Feedback

Apply validated instruments, interpret results and provide feedback reports that supplement personal development

Resume / CV Improvement / Writing

To critique, develop or help write personal marketing materials, which may include a career portfolio, résumé, personal essay or CV

Interview Skills Assistance

Prepare and practice communication skills and make a stronger connection with job interviewers by phone, web video, or in person

Entrepreneurial/Business Coaching

Explore the world of self-employment, building on a business idea through start-up, franchising etc.

Job Search Strategy

Design a strategy to organize a job hunt, create and communicate your best value online via social media and in print

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