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 ACP International perks of membership!

Membership in ACP International affords career professionals four distinct advantages:

Promotion           Connections           Continuing Education           Recognition


Grow your business or practice in a progressively competitive and global market. Advertise and market your services; reach and engage thousands of prospective clients (including business, community and affiliated professions) through your customized Profile. Access a variety of ‘bundled’ products traditionally unavailable to independent or sole practitioners (including many brand name web applications) at discounted prices.

Connections (Local, National, International)

Hook up einschlaf-spray apotheke to a communication pipeline for career discussions with other like-minded professionals. Connect through local, regional, and international events or with members in your area through an ACPI Network. Make referrals and network with fellow members as a way of developing new business alliances. Uncover key trends, issues, and industry information vital to your business. Local networks are independent organizations that determine their own member services and structure joom - cute panties. Some local networks charge an additional fee for local services. For these networks you have the option of purchasing ACP International membership only, or purchasing both ACP International membership and local network service (where applicable).

Continuing Education

Learn, publish, advocate and share ideas as well as develop your expertise. Contribute as a guest presenter or expand your knowledge/competency via our international professional development programming (webinars, forums, conferences, ICC International certification, etc.) as well as our media and communication services (PR, electronic newsletter “Career Voice International”, and more.


Present yourself to consumers as a Professional who adheres to internationally recognized professional ethics, standards, and codes of conduct. Use the ACP International logo on your website, letterhead and business cards. Receive a Membership Certificate, recognizing your participation in ACP International.

ACP International - Standards for Ethical Practice



These Standards apply to all Members of the Association of Career Professionals International, and are intended to safeguard the public interest, the integrity and excellence of the career profession. Adherence to the Standards is a condition of membership.


All Members of the Association of Career Professionals International shall:

  • Continuously improve their professional skills, competency and knowledge to provide the highest quality of service to organizations and individual clients.
  • Comply with all laws, statutes and regulations affecting business practices and service relationships.
  • Fully disclose any potential conflict of interest that may arise in the course of their professional practice.
  • Report any illegal acts by their employers, peers or business partners to appropriate authorities.
  • Clearly define the services which they offer, and ensure these services are within their knowledge and abilities. Members must recognize their boundaries of competence and provide only those services and use only those tools, techniques and materials for which they are qualified by education, training or experience.
  • In marketing services, describe factually and neither claim, misrepresent nor imply professional qualifications exceeding those possessed, nor knowingly cannot be delivered.
  • Administer and/or interpret only those assessment instruments for which they have appropriate qualifications.
  • Release assessment results to third parties, where applicable, only after obtaining written permission from the individual client.
  • Maintain confidentiality by disclosing to each individual client that general progress updates may be provided to a sponsoring organization (at their request); however, such reports would be generic in nature, and no personal or confidential information will be provided.
  • Take reasonable action to inform potentially vulnerable third parties and/or responsible authorities when conditions indicate that there is a clear and imminent danger to the client, sponsor or others. Ideally, this will be done with the individual client's knowledge or permission, but if necessary, without.
  • Offer no payment to employees of sponsoring organizations for referrals, nor accept inappropriate gifts.
  • Refrain from supporting, assisting, participating in, and/or benefiting from the violation of these Standards.

Privilege of Membership

To safeguard the reputation of the Association and its Members, ACP International reserves the right to deny membership privileges to any person associated with any organization displaying a pattern of consistent violation of these standards.

Standards Non-Compliance Complaint Process

Complaints can be filed with the Chair of the International Ethics Council, with any other member of the Council, or with the Headquarters of ACP International.

The International Ethics Council has sole responsibility for enforcing these Standards. Accordingly, no other entity within the Association is empowered to receive complaints, process them and/or impose penalties/sanctions on behalf of the Association.


Corporate/Multiple Member Discount

Membership discounts are available for corporate and multiple membership inquiries. For pricing please contact us at

Membership gives you unprecedented value:


  • A Professional Profile, plus a ‘mini-website’ hosted on the international platform (market yourself to potential clients ‘24/7’)
  • Access to the "Career Buzz" internet radio show. Live interview and Q&A with career professionals from around the world.
  • Preferred pricing on educational/professional development programming (forums, webinars, teleclasses, and conferences) and career development tools (ASP software, on-line assessments, etc.)
  • Access to searchable database of professionals, career resources, suppliers, and information/research
  • Association with a community of global career services professionals with recognized ethics and standards (ICC International); make connections via the chat room, membership directory, and through ‘live’ events in your community
  • Receive the quarterly newsletter Career Voice International, featuring news, product and service ideas, and member highlights

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