From its beginnings in 1989, industry trailblazers and innovators led the Association of Career Professionals International.

They recognized that supporting talent was indeed a global investment best delivered by professionals with the requisite skills, experience and ethics to help organizations and individuals compete successfully. Thus began a not for profit Association focused on professional development, public advocacy and celebrating relationships spanning North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, and beyond.  

Today, as a volunteer-managed organization recognizing the multitude of challenges facing the global workforce and workplace, ACP International is dedicating its efforts to supporting the next generations of workers - especially as they navigate the implications of what ‘career’ really means. 

Mentorship, networking and alliance collaboration will inform our programming as well as inspire changes in how we engage with our community.


  1. Enhance the value proposition for all ACPI community members

    The benefits of career advice and support for workers of all ages remain largely under-valued and unrecognized. While continuing our public advocacy role, we’ll also be investing in new online infrastructure to improve the services we provide to members and to better adapt to an increasingly competitive career development marketplace. 
  2. Bridge the age gap by attracting younger contributors 

    With several ACPI members entering the twilight of their careers many are seeking mentorship opportunities for a new generation of career development professionals. ACPI understands this fundamental shift taking place and are facilitating a new injection of youth membership, offering a gateway to building their own successful practices (and sustaining the industry).
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