Toronto Network – Association of Career Professionals International

The Toronto Network is an unincorporated network affiliate of ACP International. ACP International is a separate not-for-profit entity incorporated in the United States.

Association of Career Professionals International (ACP International)

The Toronto Network is a strong contributor on local, national and international levels, providing continuous professional development in career services as well as marketing and networking opportunities to its Members and Visitors. Professional development enables us to stay current and responsive to the evolving needs of our individual and corporate clients, taking into account the larger community and changing economic and socio-political conditions. The provision of thought leadership and best practices development by Toronto Network and ACP International concerning the latest issues, theories and trends strengthens our services in the areas of both individual career development and organizational management of career development issues in succession planning, reduction-in-force and retention.

ACP International’s Commitment to Excellence

“Being recognized as a Career Services Professional”

ACP International is a professional development and networking organization, dedicated to strengthening the career capabilities of its Members. While the Association does not provide Career Certification, it does encourage Members to work towards and achieve globally-recognized professional Certification through the Institute of Career Certification International.

ICC International is the global leader in certifying the competence of professionals who help people make the best of their careers. ICC International is the only international, not-for-profit, certifying body for career services professionals. It is not associated with any sales organizations, thus ensuring that its standards, processes and methodology are completely independent and objective. For more information regarding the advantages and application process of ICC International Certification, please visit or email Donald Smith, CMF at

If you are a Career Professional, we welcome you to join and enjoy the Member benefits of ACP International. Once you are a Member of ACP International you can then affiliate yourself with Toronto Network. However, you cannot join the ACPI Toronto Network unless you are also a Member of ACP International.

Benefits of Membership in ACP International and The Toronto Network

Becoming a member of ACP International enables you to establish your international credibility. With more than 2,000 Members who bring global expertise from independent practices, colleges and universities, community and government agencies, and large and small firms in the private sector in more than 30 countries around the world, ACP International is the World’s Voice on Career Issues. Working with organizations and individuals, ACP International Members work in diverse occupational settings and specialize in all aspects of career services including career management and transition (outplacement), assessments, coaching, succession planning, talent recruitment and retention, mentoring and organizational consulting, youth services and rehabilitation.

ACP International is dedicated to the global development of the career services profession by working to:

  • support and enhance the image, credibility and legitimacy of the profession
  • provide guidelines, standards and structure for each Member to enhance his/her skills.

Networking and Events

Toronto Network provides access to an extensive network of career practitioners through its special events and associations. As personal networking paves the way for developing new business alliances, this activity is crucial to managing and developing a rewarding worklife as a Career Practitioner. As well, we believe you will find your experience in the Toronto Network to be collegial, supportive, and fun!

The Indy Group

Five times each year, Toronto Network holds a half-day meeting for independent career practitioners. The purpose of these meetings is to share best practices information that is specific and meaningful to Members who have their own business. Each meeting enables Indy Members to interact with a subject matter expert in career services, build their network and support one another in an informal setting.

Ethical Practice

Complying with ethical practice standards is essential to developing a career within this vocation as clients expect high standards of behaviour.

Our Alliance with George Brown College

In 2009, a unique alliance was formed between the Career & Work Counsellor Program at George Brown College in Toronto, the Institute of Career Certification International and the ACP International Toronto Network.

This alliance benefits graduates and students enrolled in the Career & Work Counsellor Program by providing relationship-building opportunities and encouraging the ongoing pursuit of professional development and education in the field. Some of the benefits/highlights of this alliance include:

  • An immediate network for Career & Work Counsellor students and graduates that provides meaningful connections in career services. These relationships provide value for both practicum and employment purposes. This network will be even more important to students who are new to the field and/or are newcomers to Canada.
  • Graduates and students of the Career & Work Counsellor Program have an advantage in pursuing Certification through the Institute of Career Certification International, through reduced fees and collecting Professional Development Credits from courses completed.
  • Current students and alumni have the opportunity to connect with mentors and experienced career practitioners through both the ACP International and the Toronto Network.
  • Students currently enrolled in the Career & Work Counsellor Program receive preferred rates for all Toronto Network events and reduced fees for Certification with the Institute of Career Certification International.

ACP International Toronto Network Board of Directors

Zana Dragovic (Chair)

Jill Kirson (Past Chair)

Kristina Sammut (Vice Chair)

Lydia Laughlin (Treasurer)

Angela Colangelo (Secretary)

Rhonda Singer

Colleen Clarke

Neva Kostopolous

Sandra Bobkin

Jane Rendely

Rebecca Dirnfeld

Jose Cabral (Student Rep)